Another book I picked up at the Expo, Into the Woods is a collection of fairytales published by Aye Saw Comics. It includes nine short stories written and drawn by UK comic creators, and range from traditional tales with a modern twist to abstract original stories (or at least, stories I didn’t know beforehand).

The cover for Into the Woods

Fairytales are making an impact again in the cinema (two versions of Snow White are on their way, and last year we had versions of Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood) and this book is a great example of taking cues from classic stories and giving readers a surprise along with it.

Some of the stories are cruel and surprisingly unpleasant, some are darkly funny and some are just odd. My highlights included Rich McAuliffe‘s Red Riding Hood, really nicely illustrated by Sara Dunkerton, and Blood and Sacrifice by Stuart Tipples. The only down sides are that some of the stories are rather abrupt, and some you wish could go on longer- both inevitable consequences of being short stories!

Into the Woods is definitely worth picking up. It’s a very good-looking little book which justifies its £5 price, and I’d recommend it to fans of dark fairytales- think Guillermo Del Toro, Fables, etc. You can buy it at Aye Saw books.

Big congratulations to editor Stacey Whittle and all the contributors, I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of those names around soon!